Portfolio 2

Our customers have made us El Paso's most trusted name in Industrial Automation. From a stand-alone Lift Station to a fully integrated Client/Server SCADA System, Entero Automation has the experience and skill to help you with all of your process control and systems integration needs.

Municipal Water/Waste Water Systems

  • Arsenic Treatment Facility
  • Desalination Surface Injection Well
  • Well/Booster Stations
  • Elevated Tank/Booster Station
  • Granulated Active Carbon MOV's
  • Well Annulus Monitoring System      
  • Air Scrubbers
  • Aerator Blower
  • Lift Stations
  • Gravity Belt Thicker
  • Flocculator Rapid Mixer
  • Ozone Generator

Industrial/Food Processing

  • Airport Baggage Handling Conveyor
  • Natural Gas Booster Station
  • Confection Packaging Conveyor
  • RO Pre/Post Treatment and Filtration